PROSE® Continues to Elevate Industry Standards

PROSE® continues to elevate industry standards less than a year since opening its first franchise location.

PHOENIXJuly 24, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — PROSE, the healthy and enriching hand and foot care brand, announced today expansion plans entering numerous regions across twelve states. Joining the existing two locations in the Arizona market, PROSE has signed area development agreements to open boutiques in FloridaTennesseeNew JerseyIllinoisIndianaColoradoNebraska, North and South DakotaMinnesota, and Wisconsin.

“We’re delighted to see how quickly the PROSE brand has resonated with our members and guests. As a result, this has attracted the most well-respected entrepreneurs in the franchising world,” said founder and CEO, Dave Crisalli. “I am thrilled to be partnering with great leaders. Our market developers are incredibly experienced and deeply committed business leaders who are in a prime position to bring the PROSE healthy and beautiful lifestyle to more communities across the country.”

PROSE’s healthy, enriching and on-trend services and consumer experience have captivated the interest of many potential franchisees and market developers. The cornerstone of PROSE’s creation is the commitment to designing a better way to create beautiful hands and feet every day. After eight months in operation, the brand is delivering measures to ensure each boutique is comfortable and clean and has a suite of curated products and protocols designed to be natural and results-driven. This includes the use of industry-leading sterilization techniques, non-toxic, hypoallergenic products and an inspiring space that is free of overwhelming smells. Personal phone plugs, purse hooks, customized pedicure chairs, hydrating and nourishing refreshments and environmentally friendly, enriching products are available for each guest and member to enjoy with every visit. Over 200 nail polish colors from the highest-quality brands provide an array of gorgeous, fresh hues that change with each season.

“The brand’s approach is refreshingly different and better. The PROSE team has taken the time to design every detail to be both healthy and beautiful, so guests and members can unwind, feel pampered and renewed,” said Craig Flom, market developer for PROSE Colorado. “Being in the franchising industry for more than nineteen years as a franchisee for Panera bread in Colorado and Ohio, I’ve seen what really works and what doesn’t. From the moment I met with Dave and saw first-hand his PROSE brand at work, I knew it was a groundbreaking franchise opportunity. There’s a need for a national brand, like PROSE, that can provide consistently high levels of professionalism, no matter which boutique members visit. My team and I are excited to bring a refreshing and healthy hand and foot care experience to not only women, but men and children as well in Colorado.”

Amongst the top features at PROSE is its risk-free membership program. This unique program offers a wide range of advantages, including access to a customized number of services, savings up to 36 percent per service, 10 percent off retail products and free family and friend transfers. Members develop a personal relationship with their experienced artists, as well as have a reliable destination to freshen up and recharge.

PROSE is seeking qualified market developers and franchisees to join the brand and currently has opportunities nationwide. To learn more about PROSE ownership opportunities in the U.S., please visit

Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, PROSE has innovated and transformed the traditional nail salon into a thoughtfully inspired boutique experience. Created to elevate the member and guest experience in all aspects, PROSE is more than just manicure and pedicure maintenance – it’s hand and foot poetry. With world-class products and exceptional services focused on delighting these two hard-working parts of the body, PROSE Artists deliver delightful consistency in a sophisticated environment. Through its risk-free and affordable membership program, PROSE carefully considers each guest’s needs and routine by providing personalized services and convenient booking capabilities online and with the mobile app. The brand also focuses on industry leadership and elevating the profession of Artists and their important work by creating a healthy culture that rewards and respects their artisanal talents. For additional information, visit


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