PROSE® Nail Boutiques Expands to Indiana

PHOENIX, July 13, 2020 – PROSE Nail Boutiques announces expansion into Indiana, new locations in Texas, Georgia, and Minnesota, and unprecedented growth across all franchises. Now in 27 markets across the United States, PROSE has become the leading innovator in the hand and foot care space since its launch in 2017. PROSE offers proof that its strong business model is here to stay.

The Indiana expansion will encompass double digit locations—all spearheaded by Developer Scott Buchner. “We’re thrilled to welcome Scott to the PROSE family and provide Indiana residents with a relaxing, fun space for nail care that places a huge emphasis on cleanliness, in fact our boutiques, even prior to COVID-19, meet CDC guidelines” says Nate McFarland, CEO of PROSE. “Ambitious partners like Scott are who make the business possible—and help us deliver excellent service to more and more guests across the country.”

During the past few months, PROSE continues to thrive despite an economic downturn. Network-wide, the brand recently wrapped its greatest membership month ever as loyal and new customers have returned to PROSE as all locations reopened and strict safety measures were implemented post COVID-19. With premium manicure and pedicure services that prioritize wellness—PROSE offers its devoted members and guests high-quality services they cannot find anywhere else.

“For many years, guests have demanded a higher standard of their nail salon,” says Beau Citron, Vice President of Operations at PROSE. “We identified personal care trends years before they entered the mainstream which has led to our successful business model and growth opportunities as we expand to more states. We are proud that PROSE’s monthly memberships sign-ups have more than doubled in our first month post temporary shutdown, compared to the month prior to COVID-19. This shows us immense trust from our guests and means we are executing better than we ever have.”

Central to the brand, PROSE has always provided a clean, safe, ritualistic space for customers—and a highly lucrative business opportunity for investors. Today, all PROSE boutiques are offering a wholly improved customer experience shaped to prioritize health, safety, and comfort. From the high-end, non-toxic products the boutique offers to its medical-grade sterilization equipment, and book to checkout App experience, PROSE is leading the charge on innovation and presents an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs to blossom post-COVID-19.

Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, PROSE has innovated and transformed the traditional nail salon into a thoughtfully inspired boutique experience. Created to elevate the member and guest experience in all aspects, PROSE is more than just manicure and pedicure maintenance – it’s hand and foot poetry. With world-class products and exceptional services focused on delighting these two hard-working parts of the body, PROSE Artists deliver delightful consistency in a sophisticated environment. Through its risk-free and affordable membership program, PROSE carefully considers each guest’s needs and routine by providing personalized services and convenient booking capabilities online and with the mobile app. The brand also focuses on industry leadership and elevating the profession of Artists and their important work by creating a healthy culture that rewards and respects their artisanal talents. For additional information, visit


Beau Citron


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