We’re always here to help. If you have any questions about our process or what to expect, check out our frequently asked questions by our PROSE Nails Community.


We are passionate about your hands + feet and helping you fall in love with them. Our salons are clean and welcoming, you never have to worry about the smell or the use of harsh chemicals. Cleanliness has been a PROSE Nails standard since day one. Our mission is to help you achieve clean, healthy, beautiful nails.

Our PROSE Nails Artists are attentive and caring to your grooming needs. Each Artist is well-versed in nail care and health and will work with you to bring out the best in your hands and feet. Our Artists will also help you express yourself creatively. Visit our Artists page to learn more.
Yes! We strongly encourage you to book an appointment on our website or the PROSE Nails app. We run on an appointment-only system so that our Artists can give your hands + feet the attention it deserves. Don’t have the PROSE Nails app? Visit our App page to learn more.

We encourage you to arrive on time or five minutes early for an appointment. Should you arrive more than 10 minutes late, there’s a chance you might miss your slot and will have to wait for the next available Artist. Our Curators will do their best to accommodate.

Yes! In fact, our gift cards always come with an extra incentive. Our gift cards start at $50 and can be purchased online or in-store with a Curator. Visit the Locations page to select your PROSE Nails locations and purchase a gift card.
The safety of our guests and staff is our number one priority at our salons. We sanitize with hospital-grade sterilization in between each guest, we have masks on hand in case you may need to switch yours out, and we check our Artists, Curators and other team member temperatures at the beginning of their shift. Visit our Safety page to learn more.
Our Curators are always ready to greet you with a smile and make you feel welcomed at PROSE Nails. Our Curators work to ensure that the appointment schedule maintains a steady flow. Our Curators also work to upkeep the cleanliness of our salons, cleaning after each appointment and checking temperatures of our Artists and guests upon arrival. If you are interested in becoming a PROSE Nails Curator, visit our Careers page for more information. 

We believe technology should simplify life. You can book your appointment by visting the Locations page to select your nearest location or you can download the PROSE Nails app and book your appointment there. You can also manage payment through the app as well. Visit our App page to learn more and download the PROSE Nails app.

We understand that life happens. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, you can do so conveniently on our PROSE Nails app or by following the prompts on your appointment confirmation email. Don’t have the PROSE Nails app? Visit our App page to learn more and download it.
The PROSE Promise is a simple gesture that we’ve put in place for our guests. Every Artist delivers delightful care to ensure you love your hands + feet. If it doesn’t come out how you envisioned, we’ll change your color for free at your next visit. This way, you can get creative with no worries. To learn more about the PROSE Promise, visit our PROSE Promise page.

services + products

We are a full-service nail salon with a Lash + Wax Beauty Bar at multiple locations across the US. We have services for everyone in the family, offering signature manicure and pedicure services as well as kiddie manis + pedis.

Gel polish manicures is an alternative to regular nail polish manicures. Whereas nail polish requires 30 minutes of air-drying time, gel polish contains a special polymer that must be “cured” under an LED or UV light – allowing it to harden during the curing cycle and become instantly dry which gives chip-free results.

Absolutely! At PROSE Nails the whole family is welcome. We’ve moved away from the traditional women-only nail salon setting and created services where the whole family can get pampered and groomed together.

We never want you to leave PROSE Nails unhappy. We have the PROSE Promise that ensures if you’re not happy with your nails, your next manicure service is on us.

SNS, also known as “dip powder manicure”, is a brand of dip powder that we carry. SNS is different from your standard gel manicure because it doesn’t need a light to “cure” it. Dip powder manis can last up to 2-3 weeks. For removal, it will have to be soaked off with acetone for 15-20 minutes.

At PROSE Nails, we do not do artificial nails with acrylic or add on tips to our manicure services. Unfortunately, we are not be able to fix a broken artificial nail or provide you with fill-ins. After your nails are removed and you want to bring out the best in your natural nails, book your appointment with us.

Plan on 30 minutes for a manicure and 30-60 minutes for a pedicure. Drying time is extra but can be as slow or as quickly as you need. We advise letting your polish fully dry before you leave.

Our products are better than safe, they are clean + healthy. We only source and use vegan and cruelty free ingredients. We avoid the use of harsh chemicals and toxins to keep your hands and feet beautiful and our environment smelling fresh.

Our Artists are ready to help you express yourself creatively. If you have an inspiration photo, please share with your Artist and they will try to recreate your vision.

Yes, we want to start the kiddies off early with healthy habits. We have Just For Kids manicure + pedicure services where they can choose multiple colors at a time while getting the ultimate pamper time from our Artists.

PROSE Treats are goodies you can add to any service for enhancement. Our most popular treat is our healthy paraffin which adds an extra hydration to any service. Check out our full treat menu to find out which treat is good for you.

At home care is just as important as our service. Refrain from damaging habits like biting your nails and picking at your cuticles. Use gloves when cleaning or washing dishes, to avoid your nails being exposed to water for long. Check out our PROSE at Home section to find which product can help you with your nail health in between appointments.


Yes! We have memberships levels to suit every lifestyle and family member. For one monthly price you can experience more of PROSE Nails and access to exclusive perks. Visit our Membership page to learn more.
We have membership levels for every lifestyle. Our memberships are month to month and range between $59 – $279. We offer four levels, PROSE Starter, PROSE Essential, PROSE Unlimited Membership + PROSE Unlimited Family (for up to 4 family members.) For our new locations, we have special founding member rates that you can secure. Visit our Membership page to learn more.

Absolutely! We’re always giving our members more bang for their buck. With your membership, you will receive 10% off retail and Beauty Bar services.

No worries! We understand life happens. You can log-in to your account and pause your membership until you are able to visit us again.

No, you don’t need a PROSE Nails membership in order to be serviced. We encourage you to get a membership to officially join the PROSE Nails family and start taking advantage of exclusive perks today.

Each UNLIMITED membership level comes with unlimited visits each month, any combo of manis and pedis, GEL and 2 SNS/month included, 10% off retail and Beauty Bar, and use of membership at any PROSE Nails boutique. Our Family Membership allows up to 4 family members to enjoy these benefits. Visit our Membership page to learn more.

There are no discounts on gift card purchases. For special occasions we run promotional incentives for gift card purchases.

We would hate to see you go, but we understand. You can cancel your membership without any cancellation fee. Our memberships are month to month, so we’ve made it hassle-free to pause or cancel your membership.

women empowerment

We are huge supporters of women entrepreneurs and woman-owned wellness and beauty brands. Since day one, we’ve partnered with women-owned and inspired brands to curate our PROSE at Home section. Our women empowerment program allows women to apply to have their brand featured in our salons and if there is a match, we will stock that product in our locations.

If your beauty brand is organic, vegan, cruelty-free, or formulated with natural ingredients, then we would love to hear from you. We are dedicated to introducing our clients to healthy brands free of harsh chemicals. If your brand has harsher formulations, we won’t be able to house your product.

As of right now, your application will be an email submitted to our team. In the email, please include “Woman-Owned Brand Partnership” in the subject line. We would like to hear about your brand’s mission and where we can find out more information about you and your company. Please include your brand kit, press releases, product list, and any other information you want us to know about your brand.

Our team will be in contact to set up a personal meeting if your brand aligns with PROSE Nails. If you haven’t heard from us it could mean a few things: your product may not be the best fit for PROSE Nails, or your product is not the right fit at the present moment. 

Once your brand is selected to be in our PROSE at Home section, we’ll go on a trial basis and only stock the minimum amount of product. This way we can introduce and promote your brand while testing our clients’ interest. 

Absolutely! At this time, we are only accepting submissions from wellness, jewelry, beauty, and home brands. If your brand consists of apparel and shoes, food, beverage, or wine and spirits, we cannot accept your submission at this time. We encourage you to check back as we are always expanding.

To apply to join our women empowerment program, email our team  and send over your brand kit and product list. If there is any interest, we will be in contact with you to discuss the next steps.

Applications are reviewed based on the need for new products in our PROSE at Home section. This process can range from ASAP to 6 months, but we always keep your information on file. If your brand is a great match for PROSE Nails, we will contact you when we have the opening.

There are no fees associated with being the PROSE at Home section.

Yes, currently there is no exclusivity agreement in place. We are only an extra outlet for you to introduce your brand to our community.


Yes, of course! You can inquire to own a PROSE Nails salon whether your new to franchising or have years of experience, we have a place for you. Please reach out to us, we would love to chat.

Within a week of your application submission, you can expect us to reach out to you to go over your goals and to discuss the information needed to move forward. Once we receive your paperwork and go over your financials, we’ll schedule a time for you to meet the executive team.

As of now, our PROSE Discovery Day is virtual and does not require meeting in person. We’ll provide more information when the time comes for us to return our Discovery Day in Arizona at our PROSE Nails headquarters.

Yes, we will find out if regional development is a good fit for you and the PROSE Nails organization during our first initial conversation. Your onboarding will be the same, however, if you’re qualified, you will be referred to our regional director to see what the availability looks like in your preferred region.

Our training consists of everything PROSE Nails. You’ll learn everything about the company, best practices for your new franchise, and discover all of the amazing resources available to you.

Customer relationship management is extremely important, especially in membership structures. Our Marketing team provides ongoing email strategy, social media calendar management, digital marketing, and printed collateral. We find that this partnership has created success and has helped franchise owners offload this area of business to be able to focus on operations, financials, and staff management.

We have a streamlined and easy process. First, complete the application form to submit your inquiry. Once we receive your application, we’ll review and reach out within a week to speak with you about your franchise goals. Interested in owning a PROSE Nails? Visit our Own page to learn more about the franchising process.

If you’ve met with our executive team, it means that you are a qualified franchisee or regional developer candidate and will be moving forward to owning your PROSE Nails location. You will be scheduled to attend our PROSE Discovery Day.

PROSE Discovery Day is for all qualified franchisees and regional developers to get an in-depth introduction to the PROSE Nails brand. You’ll be able to meet our entire executive team, go over our business model, and review the onboarding paperwork.

Yes! We support you through the whole process and also offer ongoing training. Your first initial training will be 3-4 days, virtually with our team.

Since securing memberships are an essential part of the PROSE Nails business model, we have streamlined support in this area. We work with a full-service marketing agency that handles all of our digital marketing efforts. Although it is not required to work with them, it is highly recommended because they manage the PROSE Nails brand and work with the majority of our local PROSE Nails franchisees to fulfill social media campaigns, email marketing, and presale strategy.

All franchisees and developers are responsible for securing their location and staff. We’ll connect you with our regional director to ensure which areas in the market are available to get started. However, you are responsible for your lease and monthly obligations.

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