Your safety matters to us

Great care goes beyond your hands + feet, it starts when you walk into our salons.  At our salons, we use hospital grade sanitizers and we’ve implemented a 3-Step Sterilization Process to make your experience worry-free. Our practices have always exceeded the current CDC regulations because we believe Clean is Healthy and Healthy is Beautiful.

3-step sterilization process

Cleanliness has been a PROSE Nails standard since day one. After COVID, we turned our normal routine in to a what we now call a 3-Step Sterilization Process so that all of our locations exceed your cleanliness expectations.

antimicrobial pedi bowls

Our Antimicrobial Pedi Bowls are not just aesthetically pleasing, they eliminate the spread of microbes – germs that can live on surfaces for long periods of time. Our pedicure bowls are an intentional precautionary feature to keep your feet safe and reduce the spread of germs.

masks on hand

Since the implementation of mask mandates around the US, we thought it would be helpful to keep a supply on hand in case you need one. What matters the most to us is that you can breathe safely and that we keep our salons safe for our clients.

safety benefits

eliminate the spread of germs

We strive to keep our salons beautiful—an experience that feels like a fresh start every time. We’ve put processes in place to keep the air healthy and eliminate the spread of germs.

reduce spread of microbes

Pedicures can be an off-setting experience if a salon’s hygiene isn’t up to par. In our nourishing environment, our antimicrobial pedicure bowls and sanitization procedures between uses keep your feet healthy.

better air quality to breathe

The removal of toxic chemicals gives the air a clean scent that makes it easy to breathe and enjoy your time getting pampered. We have moved away from the overbearing smells associated with nail salons to create an atmosphere that feels fresh and inviting.

happy + healthy hands + feet

Cleaning and sanitizing your hands + feet before your service is how we keep your fingernails and toenails happy. We want you to see improvement with every visit.

COVID specific safety practices + policies


After every appointment, we take the time to fully sanitize chairs and workstations after each use.


We make sure to keep masks available for you, just in case you need to switch out your mask.

temperature check

We require all of our Artists to check their temperature daily before starting their shift.

membership benefits

members have more fun

Enjoy more of everything you love about PROSE Nails.
Members get lots of clean, healthy + beautiful benefits:
retail + service discounts, loyalty rewards, and of course, happier hands + feet.

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