Impeccable cleanliness is the soul of who we are

As a PROSE Nails core belief and standard, clean is important to us because it means we can provide a safe experience for you. From product selection to our ingredient list, we strive to create a spotless environment free of harsh chemicals and smells to keep your hands + feet happy.

healthy habits

We believe in simplicity. We’ve taken three simple steps and amplified them to provide the best care for your fingers and toes. Clean, treat, and style are the healthy habits your Artist will take to care for your hands and feet.

spotless environment

We believe in impeccable cleanliness. It’s important to us that you enjoy our services worry-free. We keep our appointment scheduling to a manageable flow so our Artists and Curators can sanitize in between services.

product collection

All of our products are clean + pure. We’ve made sure to source the best natural, non-toxic ingredients to use for our services. From our treats to nail polishes, our entire product collection matches the PROSE Nails standard of clean.

clean benefits

sanitized space

Our salons are sanitized with best-in-class sterilization practices and our cleanliness standards exceed CDC guidelines. In every PROSE Nails, we have a Clean Room where our Artists sanitize and clean their tools before and after each use.

happy hands + feet

Every aspect of our experience is to nourish your hands + feet. Our caring Artists use fresh water, natural moisturizers, and thoughtful polishes to breathe new life into your hands + feet.

relaxation + hydration

After cleansing, let the unwinding begin. As your Artist works to hydrate and style your nails, not only will your nails reap the benefit, but it will help ease your mind. Our mindful experience gives an escape from daily stressors and creates a staycation effect.

breathable environment

Each time you walk into a salon, you’ll be greeted with fresh, clean scents. You’ll never have to worry about overwhelming toxic smells because we don’t use harsh chemicals. Your appointments with us will be breathable and enjoyable.

membership benefits

members have more fun

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Members get lots of clean, healthy + beautiful benefits:
retail + service discounts, loyalty rewards, and of course, happier hands + feet.

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