At PROSE Nails, we are always looking for passionate and skilled people to join our team. From Curators to Nail Artists, we offer a career-shaping experience and opportunity to join us as we transform the salon industry.

nail artists

We call our Nail Technicians Artists because we believe nail care is an art form. Our Artists are attentive and caring to our many clients’ individual needs and preferences. They are skilled and knowledgeable about providing excellent manicure and pedicure services. Our Artists also encourage our clients to be expressive and creative with their nails by offering unique designs.

lash + wax estheticians

In our BLOOM with PROSE, our Lash/ Wax Estheticians are licensed and use professional techniques to lift, tint, and sculpt perfectly shaped eyebrows and lash extensions that create beautiful, flirty lashes. They are passionate about making people feel refreshed and beautiful while also educating guests on the best after-care practices. Our estheticians are knowledgeable and committed to consistently improving their skills.

curators/ front desk

We call our front desk attendants Curators because the role requires the ideal candidate to curate the energy, flow, and friendliness that PROSE Nails is known for. Curators are responsible for maintaining the front desk section, the flow of appointments, and introducing our clients to memberships. They are outgoing, organized, and exude high, positive energy.

general recruitment

We’re always looking for motivated individuals interested in adding value to PROSE Nails to join our team. If you have an idea or concept of a role that is not listed above, please still inquire. We may need location managers, developers, or strategists to join us.

women empowerment

Creators. Innovators. Entrepreneurs. Whether in our salons or in the executive office, women power PROSE Nails. It’s part of our ongoing commitment to our franchisees, our staff, and our brand partners. Help us make a difference for women across the world. Your PROSE at Home purchases support women-led, women-owned endeavors, including charities and fair trade companies. Click below to learn more about our partners and help bring a dream to life.

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