Celebrating PROSE Nail Artists & Estheticians

It’s National Nail Artists + Estheticians month

PROSE Nail is all about supporting and empowering women—whether by fostering entrepreneurship or ensuring all our guests leave feeling clean, healthy + beautiful. We’re committed to making a difference for women and giving them every opportunity to be creators, innovators and entrepreneurs.

This May, PROSE Nails is celebrating all our wonderful Nail Artists & Estheticians, who are at the heart of what we do—clean, beautiful, + healthy. Our Nail Artists & Estheticians are licensed professionals who elevate nail art and eyebrow and lash maintenance to an art form.

About PROSE Nail Artists & Estheticians

PROSE Nails Nail Artists are expressive and creative, something we encourage our clients to be as well. We call our Nail Technicians Artists because we truly believe nail care is an art form. Our skilled and knowledgeable Artists are attentive and caring to all your individual needs and preferences as they provide excellent manicure and pedicure services.

That same commitment is found in PROSE Nails Estheticians who are passionate about making people feel refreshed and beautiful. Committed to consistently improving their skills, our Estheticians also love to educate guests on the best after-care practices.

Get to know the women that power PROSE Nails

Belle a Nail Artist in Coon Rapids has always had a strong love for health and beauty, particularly to make others feel good inside and out. Her beloved dog Sabel also brings her happiness.

Julie, a Nail Artist in Wyckoff, previously studied art education, but never really saw herself in a classroom. She channeled her love of creating and working with people into her career with PROSE Nails. In her spare time, Julie enjoys acting and playing with special effects makeup.

Nail Artist Melina from Wheaton has been artistic ever since she can remember. “I really enjoy the art of doing nails, the nail is an open canvas to me!” She creates seasonal nail art designs and has most fun when she’s adding an artistic touch to any manicure she’s working on.

A desire to help care for her diabetic mother led Nail Artist Queen in Atlanta Midtown to PROSE Nails. Not only does Queen share PROSE’s passion for clean, healthy and beautiful, but she also dreams of creating pedicure products that could help treat clients with health issues like high blood pressure and eczema.

Foodie Greta is a Sales Manager & AP Esthetician at PROSE Nails in Coon Rapids. She expresses her artistic flair outside work by dressing up her cat Pepper and making earrings.

Kim, Coon Rapid’s Esthetician & Curator, loves animals. Most of her free time is spent hanging out with her pets—Moose (ferret) and Moon (hedgehog).

These are just a few of the talented and friendly faces that are at the heart of PROSE Nails. Our Nail Artists + Estheticians bring so much to PROSE Nails. We are so thankful for the incredible work they do every day. We don’t know where we would be without them.

Thank you for bringing beauty into our world!

Meeting new people, helping others and restoring self-esteem are only a few of the things Nail Artists and Estheticians do every day. Is it time to pursue your dreams of becoming a Nail Artist or Esthetician? Apply Now.

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Celebrating PROSE Nail Artists & Estheticians