Red Flags You Should Avoid in a Nail Salon

What To Look For In A Nail Salon

You’ve probably heard that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. While that may be true for people, when it comes to a nail salon, you want one that is beautiful, welcoming, AND clean. Atmosphere matters, but so does hygiene.

After all, a visit to the nail salon should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience. But if the cleanliness is not up to standard or the atmosphere isn’t right, you may struggle to unwind and savor the moment. 

Quality salons prioritize your experience over anything else. Think welcoming environment, clean air and equipment, and, of course, expert nail techs. Want to ensure your next visit to the nail salon is everything it should be? Here are some red flags to be mindful of:


Now more than ever, it’s crucial to pay attention to the maintenance of a salon. Improper sanitation and cleaning can lead to bacterial cleanliness, contribute to the spread of disease, and overall, turn your relaxing me-time into an unpleasant experience.  

As you enter any salon, do a visual cleanliness check. Does the salon look spotless? What about the Nail Techs’ workstations? Don’t forget to check the bathroom, too! These will all act as great indicators of good hygiene practices overall. 

Be aware of a nail salons’ equipment. Tools and equipment that haven’t been properly disinfected or maintained puts you at risk of contracting a bacterial or fungal infection. Other things to pay attention to is the tidiness of the nail technicians’ workstations. Also, are the nail techs regularly washing their hands and encouraging customers to do the same?

At PROSE Nails, we promise our customers a world-class experience. Our salons are sanitized with best-in-class sterilization practices. Once more, our cleanliness standards exceed the guidelines set by the CDC. We take safety and cleanliness very seriously, which is why in every PROSE Nails, we have a Clean Room where our Techs sanitize and clean their tools before and after each use. 

Finally, cleanliness also applies to a salon’s products. PROSE Nails makes every effort to avoid harmful chemicals and products containing toxic materials in keeping with our belief that beauty and health are inseparable. 


Another core PROSE Nails tenet is the importance we place on providing an inspiring space. 

You’ll feel a sense of retreat at any PROSE location – smiling faces, inspiring décor, and inviting scents to provide the ultimate pampering package. But not all nail salons are as focused on providing a calming and clean space. 

If there’s an overwhelming smell of fumes or chemicals, that’s a sign that the salon isn’t properly ventilated. It can also indicate the salon is using products that can be harmful to you or the workers. 

Simply put, noxious odors can turn a simple manicure into a miserable experience—one that ends in a serious headache from breathing in all those fumes. 

PROSE Nails offers a breathable and welcome environment—at every PROSE, you’ll be greeted with a fresh scent because we don’t use harsh chemicals.  It’s just another way we show how our focus on health is the foundation to everything we do, use, and buy.

Customer Service

Sometimes you just need to break away from your daily routine and take time for yourself. That’s exactly how your nail appointment should feel – like a fresh start. You deserve that and so much more! 

But when a nail salon appears cluttered, unclean, and cold, it can throw your entire experience off. 

Avoid doing your nails (and your overall wellness) more harm than good by asking yourself these questions next time you visit your regular nail salon: Are the workers unfriendly? Does everyone appear to be in a constant rush? Does your Nail Tech feel approachable and concerned about your nail health? 

At PROSE Nails, we are passionate about your hands + feet. We enjoy finding new ways to help you fall in love with self-pampering. 

We know how it feels to walk into a salon and feel unseen. From the moment you walk into a PROSE Nails, you are family. Our Curators and Nail Techs take the first greeting as the beginning of a long-lasting friendship. 

Having a hard time picking a clean, professional nail salon? Try PROSE Nails – we elevate the member and guest experience in all aspects. It’s more than just manicure and pedicure maintenance – it’s hand and foot poetry. 

Book your appointment now with one of our friendly, expert nail techs today!

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